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Tori Spelling upset that she’s not recognized: don’t you know who I am?

February 21st, 2009 by Tallulah Smith

Who knew she was such a diva?  Tori flew into a rage after a security guard asked to see her invite to the ProJec Runway winner Christian Siriano’s catwalk show at New York Fashion Week.  The poor guard was just doing his job.  She was incensed with the lack of VIP treatment and was incredulous that someone didn’t recognize her.   Tori,  your show 90210 was a few years ago and not everybody watched the show believe it or not.  Apparently fearing the onset of a full blown diva tantrum, a team of Fashion Week organisers swept in to inform the guard she was allowed to enter the show.  Thank God a full blown tantrum was avoided. Tori  quickly took her front row seat where she appeared to calm down.

Daily Mail

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