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Roseanne: Impeach the President and the Vice President

June 30th, 2007 by MJ

Well, another Hollywood intellectual has given us their opinion.  Why do they all seem to say the same thing. 

Roseanne wrote on her blog “Impeach the President and the Vice President, they are traitors to America, and so are all of their supporters.  Impeach!  Anyone in Congess who refuses to save our union from these traitors by doing nothing needs to be recalled.  Save our troops!!!  Save our schools and hospitals and jobs.  Feed our hungry and poor!  Save the drowning people in New Orleans!  Anyone who mentions Paris Hilton one more time must die!”

 I want to hear what Roseanne’s solutions are to the problems of this country.  All I hear is hate.  What do you hear?  I don’t think anyone mentioning Paris Hilton’s name should die.  That’s a little extreme.   Do you agree with Roseanne? 


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